Thank you to Andrea on goodreads for a really nice review.

Writing is often described as a solitary business. I don’t mind that; the time I want company and feedback is when the book’s launched out there into the big wide world. Once that’s happened, after the initial flurry of interest has died down, it can feel a bit like you’ve thrown a stone into a pond. People often ask me ‘how’s the book going?’ and unless you’re a Sunday Times Bestseller or similar, quite often you haven’t a clue for months on end before sales figures hopefully revealed it’s going ok.

Of course the other way of knowing what’s happening to your book, and in many ways even better than reasonable sales figures, are comments and reviews from your readers, such as this one. So thank you Andrea – you’re clearly a prolific reader, judging by your goodreads listing – and I’m really glad you took the time to read, and write about, my latest book.