About Mary Alexander

My core writing these days is ghostwriting and fiction.

However my wider experience includes:

Non-fiction books – My four books have been about food and health.  My first one was about children’s vaccination, which came about after my daughter’s life-threatening reaction to a vaccine.

Journalism – I spent many years as a feature journalist, writing for a huge variety of consumer and corporate outlets.  I wrote for outlets as diverse as Teletext, the Guardian’s Women’s Pages, Guardian’s Money pages, and magazines including Good Housekeeping and Pregnancy and Birth.

B2B copywriting – I researched and wrote corporate copy for Prudential’s in-house magazine, Pru News.  I also volunteered for Crisis, writing newsletters and promotional material.

Publishing – I worked for a small publishing company, Pocket Issue, which produced succinct and punchy books covering the big issues of the day, in book and audio form.  As well as editing and commissioning titles, I wrote three books on health issues for Pocket Issue.

Digital publishing – Together with two partners, I set up a luxury boutique lifestyle website, myfriendslike.co.uk.  For three years I worked as founding editor and writer.  I currently write as a reviewer and feature writer for writingtimes.co.uk.

Education – MA in Creative Writing.  Diploma in Periodical Journalism.  BSc in Business Studies.

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