Welcome to my blog

From time to time I will be posting about my work and interests.


Thank you to Andrea on goodreads for a really nice review. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34095449-the-wind-on-his-back Writing is often described as a solitary business. I don't mind that; the time I want company and feedback is when the book's launched out...

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The London Book Fair

Yesterday was the first day of the London Book Fair, and it was a wonderful, buzzy, bookish atmosphere. There was a great talk on how to publish your book on Kindle Direct, and I was thrilled to see my book of short stories, The Wind on his Back, on display at...

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The Wind on his Back Part III

Lots of thanks to mojomums.co.uk for a really positive review of my short story collection, The Wind on his Back. Take a peek at http://mojomums.co.uk/the-wind-on-his-back-mary-alexander/ It's always nice to know there's someone out there reading...

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The Wind on his Back (Part II..)

It's only Monday, but the week has got off to a good start. I'm going on BBC Radio Oxford this week to talk about my book of short stories, The Wind on his Back. I'll load up the Podcast afterwards…(I sound so modern and up on technology but this is an utter lie; I...

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Welcome to my Blog

Hello all and welcome to my website. I'm very excited to have it up and running. When the brilliant Liz at Bookwebs was building it for me, she asked me to email over a picture. This was to prove far more challenging than I originally imagined. I blithely took a few...

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