Call Me Elizabeth by Dawn Annandale


This tells the rather racy story of Dawn Annandale, a mother who became a call girl to pay the bills and put food on the table for her six children. It spent weeks in the Sunday Times bestseller lists and was translated into Spanish and German, amongst other languages. It was also optioned by Channel 4.

Since then I’ve ghosted several more memoirs. I also help clients to compete projects they have started, working on an hourly or daily basis. Whether it’s a novel or a non-fiction project with pictures, I can help take the book from concept through to finished product, with the assistance of a small publisher that produces high-quality books.

Working as a ghostwriter is a fascinating process. By the time I deliver the book, it’s quite possible I know more about my client than anyone else in their lives. I also unfailingly learn things. Every human has a unique tale to tell, and hearing the intricate details of a person’s life, the challenges they have faced and the choices they have made, and weaving it all into a enjoyable read, feels a privilege and reminds me how lucky I am with my job.

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