Non Fiction

Calling the Shots: Childhood Vaccination

(Jessica Kingsley Publishing)


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Part memoir following the reaction of Alexander’s daughter to the Meningitis C vaccine, and part in depth research into the thorny issue of how safe vaccination is, particularly in current times when children are given over 50 doses of vaccines by the age of 5.

Fat: Are we eating ourselves to death?

(Pocket Issue)


This little book delivers the oversized facts on the growing obesity crisis.

Food: What are we really eating?

(Pocket Issue)


This pocket sized book takes a look behind some of the foods on our supermarket shelves and reveals what is really in them. How do we choose from so many different types of milk?

Pandemics: Should we be worried?

(Pocket Issue)


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This brings you the low down on everything that could become a pandemic, from bird flu to MRSA.