The Wind on his Back and other short stories

(Matador, 28 October 2016)

This book of short stories is about love and its downside: divorce, betrayal and loss.

“He had taken, these last few weeks, to sitting in the faded leather chair in the sitting room, next to the wood burner. It was only February, and he regularly pushed logs into the fire, stoking it into a continual roar…he didn’t want to die. The words of Dylan Thomas raged in his head as he stared down the garden for hours from his chair. He wanted to weep every time he saw a daffodil push through the grass, or a single bud hesitantly form on the Magnolia tree.’

The Wind on his Back is a collection of six short stories that explore different aspects of love. From a furious divorced man who refuses to forgive his errant wife, to the wife faced with losing her husband of 30 years to a sudden terminal illness, to the motley group of relatives who come together to celebrate Christmas Eve together, each story has love – and its offspring, pain and loss – at its core.


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