Mary Alexander

My principal writing is fiction and ghostwriting


There’s little that makes me happier than sitting quietly in my house (or a cafe), writing away on something … or doing some editing for one of my ghostwriting clients … or preparing to meet a new client.

My first novel, Mrs Betjeman, is really a kind of love story. It’s about Penelope Betjeman, the wife of the poet laureate John Betjeman, and the enduring bond between the two. Published in 2019, you can read the reviews for it on Amazon.

Prior to my current work, I worked for many years in journalism, publishing and online writing – as an editor, reviewer and writer.  This gives me a good knowledge of the publishing industry (both print and digital), the publishing opportunities for authors, and the various routes onto bookshelves.

In addition to my fiction and ghostwriting, I have also written four non-fiction books.

Take a look at my writing and what I am working on, on my News and Blog pages.


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